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If you want to support your pregnant partner, your concern shows that you care for her. More than anything, it’s important to express to her that she has your support and that you’re there for her.

Your Physical Support

Your partner will go through many physical changes throughout her pregnancy. She will likely feel nauseous, exhausted, and emotional during the early weeks. As the pregnancy progresses, there may be even more changes in her body and symptoms.

Do your best to care for her physically as she navigates this dramatic change of pace. If she feels nauseous, buy her foods that are gentle on the stomach (such as crackers, ginger ale, etc.) will be a big help. Or if she feels achy, try giving her a massage to ease her pain or discomfort.

Your partner will have many pregnancy appointments and will need prenatal vitamins. Support her by offering to attend her appointments and make sure she has what she needs for a healthy pregnancy. 

Being There for Her Emotionally

Pregnancy hormones can cause your girlfriend to be on an emotional rollercoaster. She will go through many moods as her hormones are changing. The best way to help your girlfriend navigate this new emotional time is to listen to her needs. Here are some active listening tips:

  • Being present in the conversation without distractions
  • Making good eye contact to show interest
  • Asking questions that encourage the speaker to go deeper
  • Not passing judgment 
  • Not giving advice (unless the speaker asks for your feedback)

We’re Here for You

If you need support right now as you navigate how to support your partner with an unexpected pregnancy, we can help. We’re here for the both of you.

Schedule a no-cost appointment to learn more and get answers to some of you and your partner’s questions and concerns.

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