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Adoption may be the right fit for you right now as you face an unexpected pregnancy. You may already have ideas of what adoption looks like. Perhaps you have a family or friend who was adopted. Or you might have seen adoption portrayed in movies, books, or on TV.

It’s important to remember that adoption is often portrayed in a negative light. You may feel that you’re “abandoning a child” or that birth mothers don’t care about the children they place for adoption. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

What Would Adoption Look Like For Me?

Adoption is a loving choice that provides your child with the brightest future possible. And as the birth mother, you’re in control. The entire process is about advocating for your needs. 

You can select the adoptive family that you’d like to raise your child. You can meet them in advance and form a relationship with them (if you’d like). You can also choose the adoption plan that works best for you. 

Open Adoption

Create a lasting relationship with the adoptive family and child. You can have regular contact through letters, phone calls, visits, and more. Your child will know who you are and your role in their life. 

Semi-Open Adoption

A semi-open adoption isn’t as common, but it could still be an option for you. With this adoption, you’ll have contact with the adoptive family and child. However, all contact is mediated through a third party, such as an adoption attorney or agency. 

Closed Adoption

Closed adoptions offer the highest levels of privacy. With this adoption plan, all identifying records are sealed. You and the adoptive family won’t know each other. 

Do I Pay for Adoption Services?

Adoption services for the birth mother are always free. You’ll never pay any fees to place your child in a family. You may also be entitled to additional financial assistance, material items, etc. These services can assist you during your pregnancy and after the birth. Often, the adoptive family covers these expenses. 

Speaking with an adoption agency or attorney is crucial. They’ll discuss the entire process, and you can make an informed decision. 

Remember, no one should pressure you into choosing adoption for your unexpected pregnancy. This is your decision, and coercion should never be involved.

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